LaGrange Medical Center Clinical Staff

Meet the clinical staff at LaGrange Medical Center.


LaGrange Medical Center clinical staffLynn
Licensed Practical Nurse 

Lynn is an LPN who has been with us for over 30 years and knows the ins and outs of LaGrange Medical Center. She is a certified trainer for specimen collection and is a vital part of our staff. She is extremely knowledgeable on DOT regulations and has an affinity for patient care.


X-ray Technician

Terry (R.T.R., B.D) has been an x-ray technician for over 40 years and has been with LaGrange Medical Center for over 10. She is wonderful to work with because she has skills in every department. She may take your x-ray, draw your blood or conduct your bone density test. She has a wonderful rapport with patients and is an expert in her field. If you hear laughter in the hallway, it will be coming from her.


Physical Therapist

Mike, our physical therapist, has over 16 years of experience.  He has worked in private and public hospitals.  Mike also mentored and taught other students as a professor of neuroanatomy.  He is knowledgeable on the best methods of exercise and works hard to have each patient regain their maximum range of motion.


Medical Assistant

Jessica will be one of the medical assistants you may meet after checking in. She may take your height, weight or blood pressure. Jessica is certified to collect urine specimens per Federal DOT guidelines. She holds a certification in Breath Alcohol Testing and CPR as well. Ella Habla Espanol.