When recovering from a surgery or injury, physical therapy is an important part of the recovery process – helping you get out of pain and back to full strength in the shortest amount of time possible. LaGrange Medical Center in Countryside, IL, offers a comprehensive list of physical therapy treatments to effectively restore use, mobility, and strength of your muscles and joints.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Physical therapy rehabilitation provides specific exercises and stretches that can improve flexibility and strength while possibly reducing the risk of re-injury after a surgery or injury. Physical therapy can also shorten recovery time.

Your physical therapist will teach you exercises you can do at home to encourage proper recovery. You will also learn:

• Proper lifting techniques
• Proper posture and alignment
• Weight management skills

These skills could prevent future injury, even while you continue to perform your job as normal.



Physical Therapy Specialties

Many people think physical therapy is simply for specific injuries or healing post surgery. This is not the case. Physical therapy can assist in treating and healing a wide range of concerns. The LaGrange Medical Center offers a comprehensive list of physical therapy services. These services include treatments for:

• Work injuries
• Neck pain
• Lower back pain
• Knee replacement and knee pain
• Shoulders and rotator cuff
• Headaches
• Joint pain
• Tingling and numbness

By carefully engaging muscles and joints using a variety of techniques, our physical therapists can work with you to achieve significant pain reduction and improvement in other symptoms.


Physical Therapy Modalities

At Lagrange Medical Center, our physical therapists use a variety of techniques to promote healing, strengthening and gentle pain relief. These include mobilization, McKenzie techniques, myofascial release and strain/counter-strain techniques.

In addition, our physical therapists are also trained in isolated muscle testing. This supports increased success with strengthening and rehabilitating injured muscles. With a variety of modalities available, our therapists are able to treat each patient on an individual basis, using the techniques that best fit their needs and their specific injury.


Physical Therapy Clinic

LaGrange Medical Center’s physical therapy clinic is conveniently located at 6170 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL, 60525. If you are in need of physical therapy services in Countryside or one of the surrounding communities, including Brookfield, LaGrange, Lyons, Western Springs, Willow Springs, the Western Suburbs, Cook, Will or DuPage counties, call us for an appointment at 708-352-0330.