Do you have a primary care physician? Since 1981, LaGrange Medical Center has built a reputation for exceptional primary care to patients in all walks of life. If you are looking for a new medical home, you will find that our services are excellent and our doctors are compassionate.


What Is Primary Care?

Primary care involves providing the primary point of health care for an individual. A primary care physician will handle annual physicals, care for illnesses and disease, and treatment for chronic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain and COPD. Your primary care team can also provide referrals for specialty care when needed.


Primary CarePrimary Care Doctor and Physicians

From the time we are born, we are cared for by a pediatrician. The pediatrician tells us what to do in order to stay healthy. We are told to get vaccinated and drink a certain number of glasses per milk per day among other things. At the yearly checkup, the pediatrician wants to make sure we stay on track with healthy eating, exercise, and prevention of sickness. But what happens when we get older? The job of the pediatrician should now be taken over by a Primary Care Doctor also referred to as Primary Care Physician (PCP).

The primary care physician will be the main point of contact for all of your healthcare needs. If the PCP cannot take care of what is ailing us, he or she will find someone who can – a specialist. Although many individuals in their 20’s do not have a primary care physician, it a good idea to have one so we can always be in “prevention” mode instead of being in “treatment” mode. What does this mean?

It is better to be seen by a PCP earlier in our lifetime so we can identify whether our lifestyle is heading towards an unfortunate disease or sickness. Annually, a PCP can check whether our cholesterol, blood pressure or weight is showing an upward trend. In prevention, we can start reducing the amount of red meat we eat, reducing the amount of salt in our diet and incorporating exercise into our daily routine. We will follow the doctor’s orders, return the following year and see that we that our numbers are no longer showing an upward trend. This is prevention.

If we only see a PCP by the time we are in our late 40’s, the doctor may find that we already have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or even diabetes. In this case, we may have to start on cholesterol-lowering medication or insulin shots. This is treatment.

A primary care provider serves as an advisor. A Primary Care Physician can let us know what to be cautious of in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60‘s. A PCP can let us know that women need a mammogram at the age of 40 or earlier if there is a family history. A PCP can advise us that weight gain, and may not be due to lack of exercise; it may be a condition having to do with hypothyroidism or stress.

LaGrange Medical Center has two primary care physicians, a nurse practitioner and a physical therapist on staff. This means we can provide a comprehensive list of primary care services, with someone available to see you whenever you have a need. Our primary care doctors are staff attending physicians at Adventist LaGrange and Hinsdale Hospitals — some of the top hospitals in the country.

Many insurance plans provide for an annual wellness exam. The primary care providers at LaGrange Medical Center are extremely caring and knowledgeable. We always take new patients. Our mission is to help a patient live a better life through education, prevention, and treatment of disease. Please call us and make an appointment today.

At LaGrange Medical Center, we understand that you are busy, and going to the primary care physician during “normal business hours” is often not possible. That’s why our facility offers extended open hours, (including Saturday) so you can get the care you need more conveniently. We work with most insurance plans. Our new patient forms are available to download and fill out before arriving at our office. You can rely on LaGrange Medical Center to take good care of you.

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Primary Care Clinic Services

When you partner with LaGrange Medical Center for your healthcare needs, you can receive a full range of primary care services right at our facility. In addition to your doctor’s visits, we offer:

• Vision and hearing testing
• Spirometry
• Blood tests
• EKGs
• X-rays
• Bone density testing
• Chronic disease care
• Vaccinations
• Yearly physicals
• Preventative care

We also have a lengthy list of specialists who can assist with your extended needs.


Schedule Your Primary Care Checkup with LaGrange Medical Center

If you are overdue for a yearly physical or want the services of a new primary care doctor, LaGrange Medical Center is ready to help. Our location at 6170 Joliet Road, Countryside, IL, 60525 is convenient to all of Southwest Chicago, including Argo, Bedford Park, Bridgeview, Brookfield, Burbank, Burr Ridge, Darien, Hickory Hills, Hinsdale, Hodgkins, Justice, LaGrange, LaGrange Highlands, Lyons, McCook, Palos Hills, Summit, Western Springs and Willow Springs. Contact us today at 708-352-0330 to schedule your appointment.

We accept most insurance plans and also work with patients who would prefer to pay cash.


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