Nurse Practitioner Queenester Gray, Joins LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care

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Queenester GrayEarlier this month, Queenester Gray, MSN, FNP-C joined the staff at LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care. Queenester is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Kentucky State University, and a Master of Science in Nursing- Family Nurse Practitioner from Indiana Wesleyan University. Queenester has over nine years of experience in healthcare and four years as a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Queenester Gray believes patients need experienced nurse practitioners that will focus on health maintenance and disease prevention. It has always been her goal to provide exceptional care for patients of different backgrounds. Queenester’s specialties include Primary Care/Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Health Medicine, and Women’s Preventive Care.


Women’s Preventive Care

Women’s preventive care is the service you receive to prevent illnesses, diseases, and future health problems. Women’s preventive care may also help reduce your health care costs if you catch a problem early, or if an immunization keeps you from getting a serious illness.

Examples of women’s preventive care services provided by Family Nurse Practitioner Queenester Gray:

• Wellness visits
• Standard immunizations
• Screenings (blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes)
• Cancer screenings
• Mammograms for women over age 40
• Pap smears for cervical cancer prevention
• Colon cancer screening tests for adults over age 50


Primary Care/Family Medicine

Primary care provides primary health care for an individual including annual physicals, illnesses and disease, and chronic problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, and COPD. Family medicine is the most versatile medical specialty. It is a precise discipline, integrating a unique blend of biomedical, behavioral, and social sciences.

Primary and Family Care services include, but not limited to:

• Routine health care for all adults 18+
• Preventive health care
• Yearly physicals
• Breast Exam
• Pelvic Exam
• Vaccinations
• Fever and infections
• Spirometry
• Blood tests
• EKGs
• X-rays
• Respiratory problems
• Cold and Flu
• Allergies

• Weight Loss
• Back Pain
• Urinary problems
• Infectious Diseases
• Nutrition
• Injuries
• Women’s health
• Sports medicine
• Heart problems
• Skin problems
• Intestinal problems
• Bone density testing
• Vision and hearing testing
• Chronic disease care


Adult and Pediatric Urgent Care

Urgent Care is needed for injuries and illness that happen at inconvenient times. Our urgent care center is fully equipped for X-rays and lab testing. Urgent care services provided by Family Nurse Practitioner Queenester Gray include:

• Abdominal pain
• Allergic reactions
• Asthma/respiratory problems
• Athletic Physicals
• Colds and coughs
• Cuts, abrasions or lacerations
• Dehydration
• Fevers

• Infections
• Minor burns
• Pain
• Rashes
• Respiratory infections
• Sports injuries
• Sprains or fractures
• Urinary Tract Infections


Occupational Health Medicine

Occupational Health medicine includes work-related injuries, drug screenings, pre-employment medical screenings, and annual physicals.

Work-related injuries services offer:

• X-Rays on-site
• Physical Therapy
• EKG’s
• Blood and urine testing
• Medication dispensed onsite

A pre-employment physical may include:

• A basic physical
• Breath alcohol screening
• Urine drug screening
• Back and lift assessments
• Testing for balance
• Pulmonary function test
• DOT Physicals



If you would like to make an appointment with Queenester Gray, contact LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care at 708-352-0330. We are located at 6170 Joliet Road in Countryside, Illinois. LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care is open 6 days a week – Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to noon.