Preventive Health Care

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Preventive HealthLet’s talk about preventive health care this month. Preventive care allows your doctor to find potential health problems, before you feel sick. Doctors want to see you when you are healthy, and keep you healthy. To achieve the best health, you should visit a primary care physician on a regular basis. Most insurance plans include preventive services — like annual physicals — at no cost to you.


Preventive Health Care Services

Preventative health care services can include physical exams, immunizations, lab tests, and prescriptions. Preventive care services help your doctor understand your symptoms or diagnose your illness. There are things that may be going on in your body that only a blood test or a urinalysis can tell.

For example, getting a blood test can show your cholesterol levels. It will break down the ratio of good cholesterol vs. bad cholesterol. Additionally, you can find out your risk for heart disease. Knowing your cholesterol levels will help you make better food choices. It will help you know whether you should cut down on the amount of butter on your popcorn, or let you know if you should choose the broccoli instead of onion rings .

Do you experience unusual hunger or extreme fatigue more often than usual? Are you thirsty or urinating more than usual? These are common symptoms of diabetes. You may not think much about it, but you should be tested. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends that adults with high blood pressure or high cholesterol be screened for type 2 diabetes in an effort to reduce cardiovascular disease.

A urinalysis will check if your kidneys are functioning properly, or if you have an infection. You may not be able to feel anything wrong, but a simple test can help maintain a high standard of health.


Preventive Health Measures

Taking the initiative and having an annual physical will help prevent disease, improve your health, and stay well. If you do not have a primary physician, call LaGrange Medical Center at 708-352-0330 to make an appointment. While you are here for an annual physical, you can also get flu shot as well.

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