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6170 Joliet Road

LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care in Countryside, Illinois

LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care specializes in Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Occupational Health Services. We are conveniently located at 6170 Joliet Road in Countryside, Illinois. Just minutes from Interstates 55 and 294. Whether you need a doctor to help with basic health care, chronic illness, annual physical or a DOT physical, you can get quality care for all your medical concerns at LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care. Call us today at 708-352-0330 to schedule an appointment. Se Habla Español?

Our Urgent Care Clinic is fully equipped for X-rays and lab testing. We provide urgent care to patients of all ages and diagnose and treat a wide variety of ailments including sports injuries, cuts, minor burns, abdominal pain and seasonal colds and the flu. Our urgent care clinic provides medical services to patients in LaGrange, Countryside, Hodgkins, Brookfield, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont, Darien, Willow Springs, Lyons, Summit, as well as other Chicago Western suburbs.

Primary Care Center


LaGrange Medical Center’s primary care services include annual physicals, blood tests, vaccinations, bone density testing, flu shots and preventative medicine. Read more about our primary care center.

Urgent Care Clinic

Urgent Care Clinic Countryside

Our Countryside urgent care clinic can treat most minor illnesses and injuries. We are fully equipped for X-rays and lab testing for sprains or fractures, respiratory problems, abrasions, colds and coughs.

Physical Therapy Clinic

Physical Therapy Clinic - LaGrange IL

Our physical therapy clinic provides therapy services to improve mobility, function, relieve pain, and prevent permanent physical disabilities for low back problems, neck, knees and other areas.


Spring Allergies

Do you suffer from spring allergies? LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care offers help for your spring allergies. Allergy season begins in February and can last until the early summer. A rainy spring can lead to an increase in mold, causing allergy symptoms to last well into the fall.

Get to know what triggers your allergies. Is pollen or mold causing your suffering? If mold, pollen, grass or weeds make your day a nuisance, come into LaGrange Medical Center & Urgent Care and see what treatment is best for you.

Relieving sneezing or itchy, watery eyes could be as simple as taking over-the-counter medicine, lozenges or trying a nasal rinse. Read our blog about spring allergies.


Colds and Flu

Have you ever noticed how quickly you become ill when the seasons change? Are you someone who constantly struggles with some sort of illness? LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care offers seasonal primary care to help you stay in the best possible state of health. From getting your flu shot to help with allergies, you can count on the team at LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care to keep you healthy throughout every season.

All four seasons have their unique illnesses and problems. In winter, flu season hits  in full force, causing many to miss weeks of work as they recover. Spring and fall are prime allergy season and summer can bring its share of colds.

Do you know the difference between cold and flu symptoms? A cold is milder than the flu. A cold can make you feel bad for a few days, but the flu can make you feel quite ill for a few days to weeks. Read our blog about colds and flu.

LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care in Countryside provides flu shots, seasonal vaccinations, treatment for allergies and other medical conditions.


Occupational Health

The Occupational Health services at LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care have helped more than 80 companies in the western suburbs and Chicago area. When companies partner with our occupational health services clinic, we are able to cut lost time, reduce work-related injuries, and save companies money by not utilizing emergency rooms during regular business hours.

DOT Physicals

As certified medical examiners, LaGrange Medical Center is licensed to perform DOT physicals for those who drive commercial motor vehicles. Our physicians match the DOT physical guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and check for medical conditions that would make it unsafe to operate machinery.

Pre-Employment Screening

LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care in Countryside performs pre-employment screening tests. Our test include basic physicals, urine drug screening, breath alcohol screening, back and lift assessments, testing for balance, and pulmonary function tests. These pre-employment medical screening tests are used as part of their hiring process.



LaGrange Medical Center and Urgent Care, a multispecialty medical group located in Countryside, Illinois. We specialize in internal medicine, primary care, urgent care, occupational health services and DOT physicals. Our medical practice has patients from LaGrange, Countryside, Willowbrook, Burr Ridge, Westmont, Darien, Willow Springs, Hodgkins, Brookfield, Lyons, Summit, as well as other Chicago suburbs in Illinois.